Offer freshly filtered water that makes you stand out

... and preserve the environment.

  • Ecological

    By eliminating plastic bottles with H2O Ecoleau you reduce your carbon footprint and participate in protecting the environment for the future of the earth and thus the future of humanity.

  • Hygienic

    H2O Ecoleau guarantees pure, fresh water with every glass. Our tankless system and sealed conduit from end to end will provide clean water that distinguishes itself from others. Since no pollutants can enter the sealed conduit, their is absolutely no cleaning to do within the machine. Farewell maintenance.

  • Economical

    Say goodbye to multiple charges related to the delivery of the bottles, service calls, maintenance costs, mixed bills and storage. Reduce spending and wasted time while getting far better water quality, that’s what we offer.

H2O Ecoleau offers you the best alternative to 18.9 liter water bottles.

Ecological • Hygienic • Economical

Our mission is to help you provide high quality water to your employees and

your customers, hygienically, while preserving the planet and saving money.

iON machine is ecologicaliON machine replaces plastic bottles

The iON machine can provide warm water, cold water and bubbly water.

9 liters/h

Hot water in abundance instantly

25 liters/h

Capacity to cool the water to a temperature below 5.6 ° C

H2O Ecoleau aims to encourage more Quebec companies to provide the best water in their establishments. Through our unique filtration equipment and water distribution appliances, we improve the health of both Quebecers and the planet.

By working with us, you reduce your plastic consumption dramatically, contributing to the elimination of nearly 30 billion bottles used each year in North America. Simultaneously, you provide a high quality freshly filtered water to your employees and customers while cutting down on your expenses. Everyone wins.

And through the use of cutting edge technology, we minimize our consumption of paper and help you do the same.

H2O Ecoleau is having a profound impact on Quebec’s carbon footprint while improving the quality of life and the working conditions of the people.

“Ecological • Hygienic • Economical”, this is who we are! Join us?

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